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Hey, check out this link to the left.  It's to my bird club and I created the page. How cool is that? In fact they named me          their Webmaster!       Kool!
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As you explore my web pages you will see some of my varied interests. One of my main hobbies is caring for and enjoying my small bird collection (finches and canaries). I have two furniture quality aviaries, one in my kitchen and one in my living room plus a basement birdrooom. [Update: sold the kitchen one to allow an addition to be built for my mom] They provide many hours of enjoyment for me. I love watching them play, eat and fly around. It's amazing to see them build a nest and raise babies.

I also greatly enjoy gardening and trying, sometimes inefficiently, to landscape my home.  I have recently purchased a pond set up which will be my spring project this year. Update: pond is complete with fish and plants. Turned out pretty good. 
I also have a wonderful dog, Dominoe, who is my best buddy even though he is getting up in years. Update: Dominoe joined his mom and sister at the rainbow bridge. I suspect I will remain dogless.

My home is best described as rustic with a wood burning (fireplace look) stove set on a wooded acre.  It was converted to a mother/daughter from 2005 to 2006. Took 18 months to complete. Plans started when my mom started to get "old".  I had visions of us spending years together enjoying life, but life had other plans.  She got to move in a few days before Thanksgiving 2006 and lived here for one month.  I think she held out for that.  I am now in the planning stages for a memorial garden which will be just outside her front door (which is the house's side door).

Fall of 2007 through present.  We have converted our unused built in swimming pool into a koi pond complete with waterfall and, of course, koi (as well as some local frogs, water turtles).  Its getting there but still has some fine tuning to do. Guess I always need a project.

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Traces development from conception to hatching
Hi, I am a Jersey Girl with varied interests.  When I'm not working at my full time job which is walking distance to the Jersey Shore,                    
Update, I loved working for BUCA, Unfortunately it went out of business.  Fortunately, the dentist I worked with for 13 years heard about it and offered me a job with him, running the front desk. I have been there since Aug. 11, 2003.  So as I was saying, when I'm not working at my full time job at the dentist office, I am actively pursuing one or more of my hobbies.  Look in the "Hobbies and Interests" section to find out about them.
Most Sunday mornings will find me up early and enjoying breakfast out with my best friend Martha, and then off to find bargains (shop-a-holic, who me?) Well since this was written we had a fight (it was her fault) and we are not best friends any more (30 years!). We have mended the fence a little but it will never be the same again, at least for me. However, I will still be there for her any time she needs me and as she will be for me.  Now Sunday mornings are spent relaxing with Oscar.

I am also a member of a very nice group of single women whose sole goal is to have fun.  We go on many exciting day trips and try out different restaurants for lunch or dinner several times a month.  Ok, still single (with significant other) but not with the club any more. I still love to go out to eat, always looking for anyone to join me. Thanks Jane.  I have rediscovered "Chinese Auctions" thanks to Gay. We manage to go to one pretty often. I have been fortunate to have a chance to re-aquaint myself with my elderly parents by visiting them once a week.  This has given me the opportunity to watch and help my Mom cook and learn her secrets (at least some of them). Update: Daddy died March 23, 2003.  Update: Mommy died on Christmas day, December 25, 2006.  I miss them both terribly.

I have two wonderful grown sons and I am very proud of both of them.  One lives only a short distance from me and I relish every chance I have to spend time with him.  They grow up much too fast.  The oldest son lives very far away in a land called Texas where he practices dermatology (that's skin doctor).  I wish Texas were a lot closer as I don't get to see him as  often as I would like to. Update (2008) He now lives in Phoenix, AZ.

And let's not forget my best (and only) brother Jack who lives in the very exciting New Orleans.  I visit during Mardi Gras, Jazz Festival and any other time I can manage.   Update: He married a wonderful woman, Kathleen Kraft, May 17, 2008. Now I have a sister.  They live in MS. I was in the wedding party. His three wonderful daughters and their familes live in Louisiana and Texas.

And then there's Oscar. The sweetest, nicest guy I have met in a long time [well, since my soulmate, one great love, but that was a lifetime ago, best not to dwell].  We are pretty inseparatable. You can read more about him in the "My Guy, Oscar" page.
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This is an on-going Project.  It may take a long time to complete if it's ever actually completed. Check back often to see the progress. 
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