November 10, 2001.  That's the day that I met Oscar in person for the first time after a few months on & off of posting about birds.  The Jersey Shore Bird Club that I belong to had their annual Canary Show that day.  I thought of inviting several people that live locally in NJ to come to the show to meet in person and have lunch. It sounded like a good idea. Little did I imagine how that thought would change my life.
Several people came. One of them was Oscar.  I had no idea and was surprised to find that he was my age, single and cute.
I am working on a project to create a basement bird room and had brought in one aviary & also built a second one.  I mentioned I was working on a third and Oscar very generously offered to help me.  So he started coming over to help and our friendship very quickly grew.  He moved in shortly after and we have been together ever since.