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This Page is still under construction.  Please check back often to watch Lawrence's Page unfold.
Thomas Lawrence Fletcher was born on December 7, 1915 in Rosebud, PA.  On August 30, 1940, he married Ruth Florence Mullet (b. September 15, 1917).  They had 5 children: Richard Lawrence (b. July 28, 1941), Donald (died at 6 mos old), Joan Ruth (b. April 23, 1946), Robert Thomas (b. November 6, 1948) and Gail Florence (b. September 16, 1958).
Ruth died April 23, 1982.  T. Lawrence died January 27, 1987.  They are both buried in East Lawn Cemetary, East Haven, CT.
Children of T. Lawrence and Ruth Fletcher
(1) First Born: Richard Lawrence Fletcher was born on July 28, 1941.  On May 7, 1966 he married Jean Mary McLaughin (b July 30, 1943). They had two children,
Meridith and Steven.

(2) Donald. At this time all I know about Donald is that he died at 6 months old. His mom took a few months to recover from this tragedy during which time, Aunt Edna and Uncle John (my parents) took care of Richard.
Meridith Paige Fletcher was born on July 10, 1972.  On March 2, 1999 she had her first child, a son, Austin Thomas.
Steven Thomas Fletcher was born on October 9, 1975.  As of this writing he is not married and has no children.
(3) Joan Ruth was born on April 23, 1946.  On June 18, 1966 she married Richard William Bove, Sr. (b. December 15, 1943) in New Haven, CT. Richard had been adopted by the Bove family.  They have 4 children, Theresa, Richard, Christopher & Robert.
* Theresa Ann Bove was born on April 3, 1967.  On July 4, 1989, she married Vincent Gagliardi.  They have 3 children: Scott Vincent Gagliardi (b. June 16, 1988), James Anthony Gagliardi (b. February 5, 1993), Collin Richard Gagliardi (born December 5, 1996)and are expecting their fourth child in Sept 2001.
* Richard William Bove Jr. was born on April 19, 1968.  His significate other is Suzette Jendrewski.  He has a "step-daughter", Holly Ann Jendrewski (b. December 23, 1989) and a son, Richard William Bove, III (b. May 6, 1997).
* Christopher Robert Bove was born on July 7, 1972.  As of this writing he is not married and has no children.
* Robert Michael Bove was born on October 8, 1984.  As of this writing, he is not married and has no children.
(4) Robert Thomas Fletcher was born on November 6, 1948.  As of this writing, he is not married and has no children.  He still resides in New Haven, CT.
(5) Gail Florence Fletcher was born September 16, 1958.  She has two children, Erica and Joseph.
*  Erica Ruth Benson was born on April 20, 1983 to Gail and Carlton Fredrick Benson.  Erica will soon be attending Penn State College
* Joseph Alan Fletcher was born March 30, 1994 and loves to play tee-ball.