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Josepha (Josephine) Kozeski was born September 8, 1885.  Her parents were Adam Kozeski and Mary Szimanski. (Some documents list her as Kazuska or Koztowski). She married Julius Washilzuk in 1902.  She came to America with her two daughters on the ship "Kursk" which arrived at Ellis Island on May 23, 1911.  Her brother Anthony accompanied them on the journey. The ship left from Libau (Posen) German Prussia.  Once here, she met up with her husband who had arrived almost a year earlier.  Josepha's brother, Anthony had accompanied Julius on his trip also. She and her two daughters are listed as Wasilczuk on the Ellis Island records.  The family name in America was Wasilewski.  It seems as though Washilzcuk was their name in Poland but the Americanized name of Wasilewski was used here. You will find both names used interchangably on legal documents.
Once in America, they resided in New Jersey.  Her husband, Julius worked for the Pennslyvania Railroad. 
Side note, Josepha's brother Anthony made a third trip to the US. His wife and children refused to leave their families and homeland.  It is not known at this time if Anthony ever got to stay here or if he returned home for good.
They had six children: Helena (Helen, b.1906, born in Poland), Kasimira (Mary b.1908, born in Poland), Stanley (b.1912), Anthony (b.1914), Edna (b.1917), and Mary Ann [Mae] (b.1919).  All her children were born in their home with the help of a mid-wife, as was the custom at the time.  They initially lived in Bloomfield, NJ but at various times lived in Rahway, NJ, Clark, NJ and had a farm in Whitehouse, New Jersey. 
Josephine died November 15, 1943 at the age of 58 of peritonitis due to an intestinal obstruction at the Rahway Hospital.  Her place of burial is Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Bloomfield, NJ. along with other members of the family.

Grandma with Grandpa in 1937
at their home in Bloomfield, NJ
This may or may not be Grandma but these are 2 of her daughters,
Mae on left and Edna on right.
Grandma with one of her sons
Anthony, Aug. 1926
Some Photos of their Farm
Click here for pics
of the farm in
Whitehouse, NJ